What are some benefits of working on a team versus on your               own? Give examples from your Stock Market Game team or other         examples of teamwork. Teaming up investments in a diversified           portfolio also has benefits. If you could invest $10,000 now for a         long-term goal, what team of investments, including stocks,                 bonds and/or mutual funds, would you choose and why?

  • ​​Each student in the 9-12 grade division may submit only one entry with a maximum of 1000 words and a minimum of 500 words.
  • This is an individual project. Group discussion is encouraged but essays must be written and submitted by individual students.
  • If a title is chosen it must appear at the top of the first page of the text.
  • The student author’s name CANNOT appear in the essay or title. Identification of the student or teacher in the essay will result in disqualification.
  • If references are cited, include them at the end of the essay text.
  • References must be formatted without footnotes. At the end of the essay simply list each source as: (Author. “Title”. Date. URL).
  • Only the body of the essay will be included in the word count. The title and references will not count in the word limit.
  • Essays in PDF format cannot be accepted. All essays need to be in a format that can be cut and pasted to the InvestWrite website. 
  • All essays must be submitted in plain text; no charts, graphs or symbols will be accepted.

​2023 stock to scholarship challenge

2021 Scholarship Winners

​1. Renee Burgess
Salem High School
10th Grade

2. Landon Butcher
Clarkston High School
11th Grade

3. Alexander Elliot
Novi High School
12th Grade

InvestWrite Essay Winner
Benjamin Lerner
Berkley High School
11th Grade

2020 Scholarship Winners

​1. Tyler Ritchie
    South Lyon High School
    12th Grade

2. Thomas Nakic
    Divine Childe High School
    10th Grade

3. Barry Sabin
    Bloomfield Hills High School
    11th Grade

    InvestWrite Essay Winner
    Paul Biberstein
    Novi High School
    12th Grade

2019 Scholarship Winners

. Brennan Hulett
    North Farmington Hills High School
    9th Grade

2. Owen Deline
    South Lyon High School
    12th Grade

3. Madison Oakie
    Regina High School
    10th Grade

    InvestWrite Essay Winner
    Arnav Talukder
    Novi High School
    12th Grade

2018 Scholarship Winners

1. Yashar Ghaffarloo
     International Academy
     12th Grade

2. Kevin Li
    Troy High School
    12th Grade

3. Brendan Unger
    Farmington High School
    12th Grade

    InvestWrite Essay Winners
    Arnav Talukder
    Novi High School
    11th Grade

2017 Scholarship Winners 

1. Aric Landy
    Novi High School                     
    12th Grade
2. Yashar Ghaffarloo
    International Acadamy
    11th Grade

3. James Kaleel
    Ortonville Brandon High
    11th Grade

​2016 Scholarship Winners

1.  Adnan Xavier Fakhouri
     Birmingham Groves High
     11th Grade

2.  Kevin Li
     Troy High School
     10th Grade

3.  Erdem Ozdemir
     Utica Acad. of Intl. Studies
​     9th Grade


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​Congratulations to our

2022 Stock To scholarship Winners

​trading begins: monday, january 30, 2023 

tRADING eNDS: Friday, April 21, 2023​​

1st Place: Mohammad Mughal (11th Grade), International Academy -  Bloomfield Hills

2nd Place: Samuel Hughes (12th Grade), Eisenhower High School

3rd Place: Jessica Haerens (9th Grade), Troy High School

InvestWrite Winner: Hector Benitez (12th Grade), International Academy West

Welcome to the 

Stock to Scholarship Challenge

The goal of this contest is to help students learn about the stock market in a risk-free environment with a bit of an incentive: a chance to win scholarship money!

For over 11 years, hundreds of Metro Detroit high school students have competed in the Challenge winning thousands in scholarship money. 

The Stock to Scholarship Challenge will help students understand:

  • How the market works
  • How a company’s performance affects a shareholders’ return on investment 
  • How events around the world play a role in the value of stocks being traded