Over the past nine years, thousands of students have competed in the Bloomfield Hills Financial Stock to Scholarship Challenge. Students are provided with educational opportunities and challenges, such as trading stocks on margin.  

My name is Kevin VanDyke and I am the founder of Bloomfield Hills Financial (BHF). We are an independent financial advisory firm located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. 

My interest in the stock market began as a college freshman when my father provided me with a brokerage account to manage. He gave me one rule: “You can do what you like with the account except cash it in before graduating.”

This opportunity set me on a path that changed my life. I began to study the stock market and was able to increase my father’s investment many times over. I was making money and having fun, so I decided to make it my career.

Over the years, I’ve conducted educational workshops for thousands of employees and retirees of the “Big Three,” AT&T, and various local school districts.  I really enjoy helping clients plan their investments.

The Bloomfield Hills Financial Stock to Scholarship Challenge will help students understand: 

  • How the stock market works.
  • How financial, political, economic and weather related events can be affect the Stock Market.
  • How a company’s performance can affect a shareholder’s return on investment.

We all look forward to another exciting and competitive session on the Bloomfield Hills Financial Stock to Scholarship Challenge trading floor!

Best of Luck,

Kevin VanDyke
President and CEO

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About Us

Welcome to the 11th Annual Bloomfield Hills Financial Stock to Scholarship Challenge. The goal of this contest is to help you learn about the stock market in a risk-free environment with a fantastic incentive; you can win scholarship money for college!

In today’s world, it’s never too early to learn about finances, investment opportunities, and the global market place. Bloomfield Hills Financial has organized a program to introduce and encourage student interest in the stock market. 

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